Is it True that Content is King?

Let’s face it; a business is dead in the water without sales. To have sales you must have a strategy in place that drives traffic to your website. Once there, that traffic has to convert to sales. Like many people, you’ve probably heard that content is king. However, with Goggle’s algorithm changes is this still true? Google’s changes wiped out millions of websites that had so called ‘web content’ so is content still important.

Content vs. Bullsh*t

To understand why Google crushed those sites you have to understand that what used to work doesn’t work now. Back in the day, all you had to do was set up a website with a bunch of bullsh*t as long as it had the keywords that you were targeting and you ranked high in the search engines. Naturally, Google caught wind of this but really didn’t have anything in place to prevent it—until recently. With Google’s changes, it is not enough to say content is king but that ‘quality’ content is king.

What is Quality Content?

The answer to this question might seem obvious but it may be worth answering to make sure the answer is clear. Continue reading

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Ux Myths

Here are a few UX myths:

  1. White Space is waisted space.
  • Allows for easier readability and scannability
  • Prioritizes user interface elements
  • Guides users on a page
  • Can create the feeling of sophistication and elegance
  • Is essential for a balanced, harmonious layout

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Getting Started with WordPress

Here are just some general screenshots of the dashboard screen when you login into your wordpress admin section.

Here are some quick reference links from


 Dashboard Screenshots:

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Google+ vs. Facebook: Is Google’s new network the future of social media?

At this point you’ve probably already received an invitation to join the Google+ project, or are badgering your buddies to send you one.

Google’s clever reliance on word of mouth and a limited field trial has managed to build demand for the new social network, while also keeping it cloaked in mystery. What exactly is Google+, and what makes it different from traditional social networks like Facebook?

Only time will tell if Google+ can hold a candle to Facebook’s global dominance. But if buzz about the new network’s exclusive launch is any indicator, the world of social media is in for a shake up.

How Is Google+ Different?

Google Circles
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Launch of

We’re happy to announce the launch of our clients website

We assisted them in a website facelift and overall enhancement of their online presence. Along with CMS Development allowing them to update the menu, coupons &  restaurant events were happy to help them be in control of a website that can help their customers quickly find specials, look up menu items & weekly event details.

Itzasportsbar Website Mockup

We also designed them Business/Promo cards with special offers for direct marketing purposes.

Itza Sports Bar Commercial

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6 Cool Social Media Infographics

Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education.You can find many interesting infographics about anything but today i want to showcase the infographics about social media and internet. Please click the graphics to see the largest size.

The Biggest Shift
The Biggest Shift

Continue reading

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Satisfied Clients

Easyboyweb has worked with everyone from filmmakers to small business owners, and everyone in between.

Check out this video testimonial from Director Robinson Vil about what Easyboy was able to do for him:

“Easyboyweb helped me to capture my vision for my company, and to put it into something visual and powerful. My website has enabled me to be productive even when I sleep. The SEO and e-commerce solutions Easyboyweb was enable to implement has made my business a formidable force within the industry.”-Danielle Eickenhorst

Our Work
Below, please find links to a few of the sites that Easyboyweb has built and optimized for its clients:
Mychael Knight
Omahyra Posh
Life.less the movie

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The Importance of SEO

The Importance of SEO

  • 42% of search users consistently choose the top level link that shows in search engine results.
  • 89% of internet users rely on search engines results to drive them to the information they are seeking.
  • 77% of internet users choose the (ORGANIC RESULTS) non-advertised site results featured in search engine results.

EasyboyWeb’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process takes these statistics into account. Better yet, the Easyboyweb staff has taken the time to learn the methods of and other similar search engines and build web pages that rank higher and generate more meaningful traffic than non-SEO websites, or websites that rely solely on pay-per-click traffic.
Continue reading

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Social Media Platforms

Creating a Brand Across Multiple Social Media Platforms

There are more than 550 social media platforms available across the web. The top 3 are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Managing a corporate brand with so many broadcast points can seem daunting, and using those social media outlets effectively can seem overwhelming.

At Easyboyweb, we believe in business growth through technology, but we also believe it should be easy – and we approach social media management with that attitude. Continue reading

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Client Spotlight: “Life.less the movie”

We would like to highlight one of our customized website developments for Villain Pictures promoting their latest production titled, “Life.Less The Movie”. “LIFE. LESS” is a short film that brings awareness to human trafficking, child abuse, and exploitation.

View the trailer, meet the cast, get the facts and more at

Life.Less Movie Trailer

Client Testimonial

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